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What do fourteen to sixteen-year-old teenager want to do on their born day?

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For them, they are not kids anymore. They are already an adult for themselves. This part is the start of their adulthood. They believe now that during birthdays it should not be the same old way on how they celebrate it. It is something fun that they should enjoy it and embrace the next stage of their life.

Let’s talk about now some of the thigs that they can do to celebrate the most awaited time of their teenager’s stage.

Most of the high school students would agree that for them there is nothing to beat the group of friends. The many the happier and livelier. They don’t care if they are just 3 in a group or having a dozen of friends in one circle. The most important part there is that they would let the night fall and enjoy the day. For them, celebrating this way is much happier than having a childish party. They could rent a denver party bus rentals and hire a driver to have a group road trip downtown. Plan to go to different amusement park and enjoy the different rides that you can see there. It is very exciting and fun to try some of the special thigs there. Since they are already in group, the birthday celebrator could have an idea of having a group dinner or lunch together. It doesn’t need to go expensive restaurants. The most ideal here is to have fun while eating together. You could order a big piece of pizza and be shared with the members.

After hitting the food place, most of them would like to watch a movie. If this one is a bit out of the budget, then you could have it at home. Set up a movie marathon activity. You could prepare in advance some food or popcorn and snacks to have while watching the movie. You can make a rule that no one should fall asleep during the movie time. You could have also karaoke during this time if no one likes to watch anymore. You can play a trick here where the one who has the lowest score would receive a punishment or a consequence.

If the teens want to have something that they could have fun and enjoy the nature. Then, having a beach outing or swimming pool activity could be a nice idea. You can make sand castle or enjoy swimming competition or maybe have some barbeque foods for lunch and enjoy the view at the same time by going on a boating trip, snorkeling or even play sports on the beach resort.

Others would invite their friends to have a sleep over. But this is not the common sleep over, if the celebrator has a garden and it is a good idea to have camping there. You could have grilling and bonfire at the same time. They could rent a tent or bring one and have the star gazing.

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