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Flower Power!

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 Do you feel like your house looks dull, or feel sad? Do you think that your house lacks color? 

There are many ways to make your home livelier than ever. One of them is surrounding your house with flowers or decorating it. Just follow these different steps and suggestion and you’ll be having the most vibrant and happy home in the neighborhood. You can also ask a service maintenance if you are near or at Oregon, a farm maintenance in Oregon companies are well known to add your stock knowledge about it. 

  • Sunflowers

Sunflowers are one of the easiest flowers to grow. You will just have to plant them where sunlight can directly hit them. Since sunflowers have long roots, you will have to grow them in a loose and well-drained soil. Remember that a sunflower needs water too, so provide them water daily. 

  • Marigolds

Marigolds aren’t just for decoration, they can help repel mosquitos too. Just like the sunflower you’ll have to grow them in a well-drained soil. They grow well in sandy gardens. Daily water is a need too. 

  • Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas are highly fragranced flowers, if you will grow this kind of flowers, you’ll be smelling an aroma of fresh flowers. They grow well on loamy soils, keep this flower moist and you should water it in its base. 

  • Snapdragons

This plant attracts quite a lot of butterflies so it won’t be a surprise if you’ll encounter a lot of butterflies in your days. Snapdragons should always be watered regularly, don’t forget it. They also prefer well-drained soil. 

  • Impatiens

Unlike snapdragons, impatiens attracts birds instead of butterflies, so it will be normal to find different kinds of bird in your backyard or garden. They like loamy soil. When watering, you should keep the plant moist but not waterlogged. 

  • Daylilies

Daylilies prefers a rich and well-drained soil. They are virtually pest free so that’s a plus. They have high tolerance of heat and high humidity, perfect for summer seasons. They need deep watering in the summer, we need to keep our flowers dehydrated. 

These examples are just few of the plants that you can have inside your house. Since all of the plants comes in different colors, they’ll be able to make your house more colorful. Now, we’ll be explaining how magical flowers can be. 

Flowers aren’t just decorations, they are very fragrant. Most perfumes are made with flowers and plants so, if you’ll grow flowers, you will expect a nicely scented home. Other than being very fragrant, there are a lot of flowers that can repel any sorts of pest like mosquitos and such. Some plants do also attract beautiful animals and insects such as birds, butterflies, and etc. 

As you probably have known, flowers are a very versatile natural resource. They helped us get rid of pests and allow us to meet other creatures. they make us more connected to the wild life or the nature. Having a nicely scented, colorful, lively, and beautiful home can be achieved. All you have to do is consider is planting flowers, how cool is that? 


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